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From San Antonio to Austin, and everywhere in between, we provide one of the best countertop resurfacing  services you can find.

The Best Countertop Resurfacing in San Marcos, TX

Countertops go through a lot of wear and tear over time, so when they start looking rough you might want new counters. Of course, you might also want to update your kitchen to keep up with the times.

Either way, the look of your countertops doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to pay for a complete replacement. Our countertop resurfacing in San Marcos, TX could be an affordable solution to your problems.

  1. Whether you’re wanting a new aesthetic or need new countertops, you’ll have choices to make. We want you to the color and style that you’ve always wanted on your counters.
  2. Minor damages from the years will be fixed, from scratches and chipped counters to other physical issues.
  3. Our team will clean whatever mess we make while we’re working so that you won’t have to worry about it.
  4. You’ll have an easier time wiping off your countertops in the future.
  5. Our resurfacing can be done usually within 3 days, and we can do it to a number of different surfaces.

When you’re ready for your countertops to look brand new without paying for new counters, Family Refinishers is here for you. Call us today at 210-585-8088 and schedule your free estimate or feel free to ask any questions!

Benefits of Countertop Resurfacing in San Marcos, TX

Too many times, new homeowners are stuck with the previous countertops of the previous owners that had bad taste. When you call us for your countertop resurfacing, you can trust that you’ll have aesthetic options.

It’s not just limited to colors, though, because you’ll get to choose a new style. You’ll also get to reap the benefits that come with hiring us:

  1. When you get your countertops repaired and worked on, you don’t want to deal with replacing them anytime soon. Our process can add 15 years to your counters, because we apply a thorough resurfacing that will reinforce their longevity.
  2. One of the options you’ll have with our services is rounded corners, even if you only want it done to certain areas of your home. Of course, you can get the look you want with colors, rounded corners, styles, or edges throughout your house.
  3. With some applications, you might have to worry about which cleaning solution to use. However, when you hire us, your counters can be cleaned with basic soap or any non-abrasive cleaning solution. Keep them clean and your counters will last!
  4. A huge perk of our countertop finish is that it seals any seams and strengthens your counters to the minor damages of daily use, scratches, and helps them resist heat.

Options for Countertop Resurfacing in San Marcos, TX

Sometimes it’s not about the damages to our countertops, because life’s too short to stare at the same countertops all the time. Countertop resurfacing can be a great way to liven up your home.

Replacing countertops is expensive and we know that you might be working with a budget, so you should know we’ve got a lot of resurfacing under our belt. We also know that you have a life, so we’ll try to do it quickly.

Of course, while we want to get out of your hair, we don’t sacrifice quality so you can trust our results. There’s no demolition involved in our work and, when we’re gone, you’ll have the look you’ve always wanted.

There are some stains that don’t seem to go away no matter how much effort you put into cleaning them. Our resurfacing removes stains and aesthetic problems while also fixing grout and making counters stronger.

You shouldn’t have to stress about your budget with replacing countertops. Resurfacing is a good compromise, because you’ll end up with counters that look brand-new without breaking the bank.

When you call Family Refinishers, you can feel confident that you’re in good hands. Dial 210-585-8088 today and talk to our experts about the aesthetic you want or schedule your free estimate!

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