Countertop Resurfacing Converse, TX

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You Can Save Thousands of Dollars!

We Do Countertop Resurfacing in Converse, TX

From San Antonio to Austin, and everywhere in between, we provide one of the best countertop resurfacing  services you can find.

Homeowners spend a lot of time in their homes, especially in their kitchen and bathroom. Over time, your counters can get scratched up, fade, discolor, or even bubble on the surface. 

The great news is that Family Refinishers can help you get your countertops refinished without the cost of purchasing new ones! You can save with countertop resurfacing in Converse, TX. 

With our expertise, we can have your counters looking brand new again! If you have purchased an older home or if you bought a home that you wanted to work on, chances are that your counters might not be up to par. 

This can mean that your countertops are peeling, bubbling, or fading due to the environment or age. Or, if you bought a newer home, you might want to upgrade your counters just to keep them more modern!

The great thing about our team is that we want to give you exactly what you want. Whether it’s a modern or retro look there are a lot of decisions to make. We can help you with each choice to maximize your counters.

When you work with our professionals at Family Refinishers, we can help you with all of your countertop needs when you dial 210-585-8088 today!

Benefits of Countertop Resurfacing in Converse, TX

There are so many benefits to getting your countertops resurfaced. Our experts at Family Refinishers can tell you about all of the exciting products! Our team has the experience to give you the best countertop results!  

We know what is best for what you want to accomplish, and it can help to make your life easier, too! When you agree to a countertop refinish, you will see that it is even easier to keep clean and can last a lot longer, too!

Countertop resurfacing in Converse, TX can extend the life of your countertops up to 15 more years!  This means that you can spend money on kitchen or bathroom remodeling without having to buy new countertops! 

On top of your countertops being easier to maintain after the resurfacing, you also get the option to be in charge of all of the decorating ideas! Maybe you want to choose tile, or you want to pick a totally different color!

You can even decide if you want a certain style or if you want your countertop corners to be rounded off! Family Refinishers puts you in the driver’s seat while they just make it happen!

Affordable Countertop Resurfacing in Cibilo, TX

No matter what you choose, you will get the results that only a professional can provide you! Many people choose to not get new countertops because they worry about the expense of it.

With Family Refinishers countertop resurfacing you will spend much less than you would on replacing your countertops. We use the best products to keep your countertops safe from burns.

Not only will your countertops be safe from daily use, but your countertops will look just like new!  Our team will make sure to get the job done fast so that you can get back to your regular life quickly!

Family Finishers has different materials and looks that you will love! We offer a variety of colors and designs that will allow you to choose the style that you love!

If you want someone that you can trust to make your countertops feel like new, give us a call at 210-585-8088 and let us make your dreams come true with countertop resurfacing in Converse, TX!

About Family Refinishers

Family Refinishers is a small, family-owned refinishing company, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

We specialize in bathtub and tile refinishing. We also do chip, hole, and rust repairs. Only the high-quality, industry-tested, and most-approved materials are used in your project. All work comes with a five-year warranty that is not only the industry standard but transferable if you sell your home during the warranty period.


Bathtub Refinishing

Reglazing is the way to go if you DO NOT want to remodel. bathroom. You can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over replacement.


Countertop Resurfacing

Our reglazing process works on a variety of countertop surfaces, including Formica®, tile, and cultured marble. We can also save you money with stone-like finishes.


Tile Refinishing

Just like your tub and countertops, the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom have probably seen better days. We can revitalize your tiles, too. 



Epoxy Floor Installation

Great for garages and concrete floors.


Epoxy Countertop Installation

Affordable, durable, and available in a variety of styles and colors.


Outdoor Epoxy Installation

Protect pool areas, patios, driveways, and more.


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