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Excellent Bathtub Refinishing in Converse, TX

From San Antonio to Austin, and everywhere in between, we provide one of the best bathtub refinishing services you can find.

Expert Bathtub Refinishing in Cibilo, TX

Do you have a bathroom that makes you cringe every time you go in it? It can be hard to be comfortable and happy when your bathroom is stained or full of flaws. At Family Refinishers, we can get your bathroom looking fantastic!

When you think of your bathroom most people imagine sitting in a whirlpool tub, relaxing with a glass of wine and some soft music. If you have a bathtub that is stained, discolored, or worn out, it can make it hard to relax.

Instead of replacing your bathtub, many people look to refinishing. This can save you money and make your bathtub look like new!  Buying a new bathtub can be costly, but we can help you relax and save!

The thought of remodeling your bathroom can be overwhelming because of how costly changes can be. By calling us today at 210-585-8088, we can help to give you the bathtub that you want and save you some money!

Trustworthy Bathtub Refinishing in Converse, TX

Many new home buyers will sacrifice the bathroom to get what they want in a home. As time goes on, though, you might decide that you want your bathroom to look differently. When you get to that point, we are here for you!

Here at Family Refinishers, we take pride in bathtub refinishing in Converse, TX! We want your bathroom to look the way that you have always dreamed of. Our designers can offer you different ideas with modern trends!

We know that everyone has a different reason for wanting to refinish their bathtub, so let us help you! Even though bathtubs are one of our specialties, it doesn’t stop there.

Our team of experts can do anything from refinishing your bathroom remodeling to countertop resurfacing. No matter how big or small this job is, contact us now at 210-585-8088 and let us give you an estimate!

Need Bathtub Refinishing in Converse, TX?

Your bathtub might be old or worn because of water.  Just the flow of water can stain or wear down the finishing of your bathtub as time goes by. Some bathtubs even start to crack, but we can help to fix this! 

With our work, you will have little mess to clean up and we will use sealant and other refinishers to seal your tub and to help to protect it from more wear and tear!

We can layer acrylic resin onto your bathtub to make it look new. This can add years to your bathtub!  We’ll also make sure to get rid of any stains, cracks, or scratches that might be on the surface of your tub.

As professionals, we’ll work quickly while making sure that it is done right! Instead of doing an expensive bathtub replacement, our experts will make sure that your bathtub refinishing in Converse, TX is exactly what you want!

Not only can this save you money and help to protect your tub, but it can also make you feel excited when taking your bubble bath!  Give us a call at 210-585-8088 at Family Refinishers so that we can get you started, today!

About Family Refinishers

Family Refinishers is a small, family-owned refinishing company, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

We specialize in bathtub and tile refinishing. We also do chip, hole, and rust repairs. Only the high-quality, industry-tested, and most-approved materials are used in your project. All work comes with a five-year warranty that is not only the industry standard but transferable if you sell your home during the warranty period.


Bathtub Refinishing

Reglazing is the way to go if you DO NOT want to remodel. bathroom. You can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over replacement.


Countertop Resurfacing

Our reglazing process works on a variety of countertop surfaces, including Formica®, tile, and cultured marble. We can also save you money with stone-like finishes.


Tile Refinishing

Just like your tub and countertops, the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom have probably seen better days. We can revitalize your tiles, too. 



Epoxy Floor Installation

Great for garages and concrete floors.


Epoxy Countertop Installation

Affordable, durable, and available in a variety of styles and colors.


Outdoor Epoxy Installation

Protect pool areas, patios, driveways, and more.


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